Home Cleaning: What is on Your To-Do List?

As summer is always just around the corner, home cleaning may be the last thing on your to-do list. Summer is the season for outdoor activities, family functions, poolside reading, and general outdoor fun. Even when your kids are home from school and the sun is out, there are daily responsibilities that require your attention. Keeping your home clean should still be a priority.

Our summer home cleaning list should not change your exciting plans for this summer. That said, you should make the effort to get into a productive, healthy routine. If we don’t have a routine, we may find ourselves spending an overwhelming amount of time catching up to past-due tasks. Of course, your exact routine will differ from everyone else, so we cannot tell you precisely what will work be best for your house. Instead, we’re providing these tried and effective tips to get your home looking clean in as little time as possible.

Home Cleaning


Create daily habits and routines

Sometimes our lives can get away from us! Whether you’re a single person or a parent of small children, our daily activities can make a mess of our homes. One of the simplest things you can do is take extra steps now to save yourself work later. For instance, do not wait for your sink to fill up with dishes before washing them. Instead, load them into the dishwasher after every meal and focus on another task before going to bed.

When possible, get your family members to help you out. The kids and your partner should take responsibility for their mess. You can direct them to stay on top of their dirty clothes or to be sure to place their dirty dishes in the dishwasher. Doing so will help you cut down on the mess around your home and also instill a strong work ethic.

Find a schedule that works for your life

If you browse through Pinterest for even five minutes, you’ll find a long list of weekly home cleaning schedules. They are usually dumped there by bloggers. None of them will fit your life perfectly. Instead, you can start from there and find what works best for your home. You need to be sure to develop a schedule that fits into your daily activities but that also sufficiently keeps your home clean.

Think outside of the box: your air needs cleaning, too!

It’s very easy to walk about your home and spot clutter. A visual scan usually reveals the dirtiest parts of your home. These obvious tasks, like wiping counters or dusting surfaces, often get the most attention since they can be seen by the naked eye. When cleaning your home, don’t forget to tackle the less obvious tasks.

Having clean air in the home is important for your family and for the proper function of your cooling and heating system. Not to worry, cleaning your home air is not time-consuming. You can simply invest in a good air purifier to do it. Using an air purifier in your home can help relieve symptoms of allergies by trapping dust and other contaminants inside your home.

Keep all of your cleaning supplies handy

For many people, the cabinet that stores cleaning items is ironically the most cluttered. Unused items accumulate, occupying space, and make it difficult to perform your cleaning duties. If you are serious about refining your cleaning habits, begin by assembling all the necessary cleaning supplies. Dispose of the ones you no longer need. Once you are able to do this, put all your favorite items in one place. A caddy is a good place to store these items. They are portable and can be easily moved from one cleaning task to another.

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Clean your home

Whether or not you’ve been trying to keep up with your cleaning duties, developing good habits can make the job quicker and easier. With a better cleaning plan and routine, you’ll be able to keep your house looking its best in no time. That means more time for summer fun.