Why Do I Need A Humidifier For My Fireplace?

During cold months, the air outside becomes dry, ultimately affecting the air in your home. To ensure maximum comfort, homeowners need to have a humidifier installed in their fireplaces. Having the right level of humidity can transform from being miserable cold season into an enjoyable season for everyone in your family.

Many homeowners are reluctant to install a fireplace humidifier, mainly because they are unaware of their benefits and also about them. When deciding whether or not to install a humidifier in your workplace, you should weigh the benefits against the cost to see if the product is worth it or not.


Why Install a Humidifier in Your Fireplace?

Installing a humidifier in your fireplace will provide optimal humidity and warm air in your entire house. Humidifiers installed in your fireplace will distribute warm moisture efficiently in all areas of your living room. You can also use portable models to direct moisture in smaller areas. Humidifiers installed in fireplace require minimal maintenance and use little energy, making them a cheaper and user-friendly option.

Humidifiers for fireplace offer many benefits for occupants and homeowners. Some of the reasons many homeowners choose humidifiers for their fireplaces include;

  • Health improvementdry air impact on sinuses by treating the dry air in your home. Humidifiers have shown that they can improve lung health, asthma symptoms, alleviate allergy, and lessen cases of illness by treating dry air.
  • They improve comfort at home, especially during colder months. Suitable humidification of your home can make your house feel warmer even when it’s cold outside. The warm, moisturized air produced by humidifiers in your fireplace coupled by them not consuming a lot of energy leads to considerable savings in the energy consumed by your heating system to keep your home warmer, thereby saving users money.
  • They keep dry air at bay. When humidity levels in your home are kept balanced by your humidifier, the damaging effects of dry air are reduced. Cabinets, wood flooring, and other furniture are protected from drying out and cracking. Static electricity in your home is also reduced when there is proper moisture in the air.
  • It can be controlled easily. These humidifiers can be set to produce moisture of certain levels so that you do not have to set it every time you want to have air humidified in your house.
  • They are noiseless. Because of the fact that they operate via the duct system, they are undetectable thereby giving your quietness and peace of mind throughout your entire home.
  • They are linked directly to the plumbing system in your house which saves you from having to add water again.

Which humidifier is best for your fireplace:

There are essentially three types of humidifiers for fireplaces that are effective in increasing your indoor humidity levels. Some of the major things that separate them are the technology they use, amount of maintenance required, and installation level required. Depending on your specific needs, you can choose a bypass, fan-powered, or steam humidifiers.

  • Bypass Humidifiers – these are installed on ducting and only work when the fireplace is in use. They do not have a motor and thus rely on the fireplace’s blower motor to push air through the humidifier to be moisturized by the water panel and circulated into your home.
  • Fan-Powered Humidifiers – these are installed on the supply plenum or furnace’s return. They make use of the built-in fan to circulate air over the humidifier’s water panel. Therefore, it can be used even when the fireplace is not in use to supply humidity to your home whenever desired.
  • Steam Humidifiers – these humidifiers boil water, producing steam which mixes with air getting through it before being circulated to your home. Steam humidifiers generate more humidity in your home than fan-powered and bypass model, but they do not require a lot of power to operate.

Wrap Up

Dry air is unhealthy for both human and pets in your house. It aids the operation of viruses, air-borne diseases, and also bacteria, as well as causing more allergic reactions. Furniture is also not spared by dry air as it causes them to crack.

Dry air also increases static electricity in your home which is capable of destroying electrical gadgets and home appliances. However, you can avoid all these problems by installing a humidifier in your workplace. We hope the above benefits of humidifiers will motivate you to install in a quality humidifier for your fireplace.