Cleaning to Control Allergies and Asthma

Most pet owners love their pets and can’t imagine life without them. Sometimes, people find they are allergic to their furry friends. This presents a problem. What can we do? There are steps we can take to minimize the harmful problems.

Are you a pet owner? Do you breed them for sale? If you regularly work with animals and find yourself struggling with allergy and asthma symptoms, you need this guide.

Cleaning to Control Allergies & Asthma

Other Causes Of Allergies Are:



Tobacco smoke is an asthma trigger.

Avoid smoking in a home where a person with asthma lives




Cleaning can help control these allergens. It’s one of the easiest ways to do so. Proper cleaning can help reduce allergy and asthma symptoms.

Remember, cats and dogs are the most common household pets and have allergens in their fur. In the process of cleaning their body with their tongue, saliva stains their fur and dries their skin. These particles find their way into the air in your home, on your chairs and even on your bed.

Not to worry. With the right steps you can live comfortably with your pet.





Cleaning To Control Asthma: Refrigerator

Cockroaches mostly hide around the refrigerator because they are drawn to the dampness and food. The spilled food and moisture can also develop into mold and mildew. Making sure your refrigerator is always clean is an effective way to control allergens.HOW TO GET RID OF ALLERGIES

In the bathroom, molds and mildew generally grow where its damp and warm, check the details in the diagram below.pets6


Cleaning the Kitchen to Control Allergies and Asthma

Cockroaches are usually attracted to food particles and moisture, including cooking grease, crumbs, and even plain water. To keep cockroaches away, remove or properly cover all your food and water. This is especially important at night, when cockroaches are more active.

Cleaning the Kitchen to Control Allergies and Asthma

Cleaning the living area to control allergies and asthma

Children who crawl and play on the floor are sure to come into contact with allergens. To minimize the impact, keep the carpets, furniture, and the curtains clean and free of dust.


Cleaning the living area to control allergies and asthma

For other natural ways to control allergies and asthma using a humidifier, visit best whole house humidifier for details.

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