Closer Look At The Holmes 3 Speed Tower Allergen Remover

People are finally starting to see the benefits of using in-home air purifiers and air cleaners. That is why the sales of these products are substantially growing each year. You have to be careful when shopping for them though. Not all air purifiers and air cleaners are built well and do what their manufacturers claim. One air purifier we have been hearing good things about is the Holmes 3 Speed Tower Allergen Remover. That is why we decided to take a closer look at it to see if it works as well as people say it does.

The Holmes 3 Speed Tower Allergen Remover’s Key Features

Holmes True HEPA 3 Speed Tower Allergen Remover, HAP716-This air purifying tower from Holmes seems to have a little bit of everything. Among its many nice features are its 3 different speed settings. Lower speeds on it are super quiet and ideal for smaller size rooms. The highest fan setting can handle cleaning the air in rooms that are up to 150 square feet in size.

The Holmes 3 Speed Tower Allergen Remover also has a unique dual filter design. This setup features both a pre-filter that is cleanable and a HEPA filter that will remove over 99% of contaminants from the household air that passes through it. There is even activated carbon added to the HEPA filter so it will trap smoke and other odor-causing particles.

You can even purchase separately an optional ionizer feature for it. Ionizers will give any air purifier an extra cleaning boost. That’s because they take smaller size contaminant particles the air filters might not catch and turn them into bigger size contaminant particles which the filters can easily remove.

What We Like Best About This Particular Air Purifier

This air purifying tower has an air filtration design that we really like a lot. We definitely feel that is the highlight feature of this product. It not only includes a fine particle catching HEPA filter but it also has what is known as an additional ‘pre-filter’ built into it too.

This air purifying tower will not be an eyesore in any room you choose to place it in either. The patterned grill design and all white color help it look good and blend in with any room décor. Its slim, space-saving design means you can easily put it in a place in a room where it’s not the center of attention too.

In case you were wondering what a pre-filter does we will tell you. It acts as a first layer of air filtration that extracts some of the larger contaminant particles out of the air that passes through this model air purifier. It will catch such things as pet dander and large dust particles.

What are the advantages of having a pre-filter system? The main advantage of having a pre-filter is that it lessens the workload on this systems main HEPA filter. That frees up the HEPA filter to concentrate on the finer contaminants such as mold spores, dust mites, allergens and other respiratory irritants. These pre-filters are easy to take out and clean and will also help extend the life of the systems more expensive HEPA filter.

Pros and Cons With the Holmes 3 Speed Tower Allergen Remover

As with any product, the Holmes 3 Speed Tower Allergen Remover is not perfect by any means. There were a couple of concerns we had with this air purifier too.

Here is a close look at this tower air purifier’s good and bad points:


  • 3 different cleaning speeds
  • Dual filtration design
  • Can handle cleaning air in up to 150 square foot rooms
  • HEPA filtration removes over 99% of airborne contaminants
  • Includes smoke and odor-eating activated carbon
  • 2 ½’ high tower has a sleek, space-saving design


  • Not as quiet as we like
  • Ionizer is optional and not standard equipment

Some Final Thoughts on This Quality Air Purifying Tower

We all really like this model air purifier from Holmes. It has a good looking exterior and a space-saving, upright design. The controls on it are simple to work and the fact that it has 3-speed settings is a nice bonus too. We all especially liked its dual filtration system that really helps its efficiency when cleaning the air in a room. Its 150 square foot air clean capacity makes it a good choice for both large and small air purification tasks. The Holmes 3 Speed Tower Allergen Remover is definitely an air cleaner you should consider buying if you are looking for a really well-designed tower style air purifier.