Three Ideas on Where to Place an Air Purifier

With today’s technology, there are all sorts of products available to improve our lives. Thanks to advances in air technology, we have devices available to improve the quality of the air in our homes. However, some people are unsure where to place an air purifier in their home. This article will help you gain some insight into¬†where to place your air purifier to get the most from your purchase.

Where to place an Air Purifier

If you have limited space available in your home, deciding where to place your air purifier can be difficult. Particularly during the warm summer months, many of us depend on modern conveniences to help make the air in our homes more comfortable. Fortunately, air purifiers come in all shapes and sizes. There are options available to fit the needs of any home.

installing air purifier

Air purifiers offer features and benefits not found in regular fans and air conditioners. First, they include a fan, eliminating the need for a separate device. Secondly, they also help clean the air in your home. The filter system in an air purifier helps remove contaminants in the air that can be hazardous to your family’s health. They can help trap dust, bacteria, and other particles. Still, some people aren’t sure where to place their air purifier. This article will help give you some ideas on the best place to put your air purifier to maximize its benefits and efficiency.

Where to place an Air Purifier?

There are four important aspects to consider when placing your air purifier.

  • The source of pollutants.
  • The position in the room.
  • Proximity to the door.
  • Portability.

1. The source of pollutants

where to place their air purification unit

The source of the air pollutants is one of the most important considerations when placing your air purifier. If someone in your home smokes, you may want to place the air purifier in the same room as the source of the smoke. In doing so, the air purifier will help clean smoke from the air. Another common problem area is the kitchen, which can produce offensive odors. The air purifier can help make your air smell better.

2. Room position

Most people want their house air to be cleaned and place their air purifier in the corner. They believe their home will look larger. Corners are not a good place to put an air purifier. If you mount it at the corner of the home, it will be less effective at cleaning the air and will not benefit other rooms. Air purifiers require lots of space to function properly. Putting it in the corner can also amplify the noise it creates.

3. Proximity to the door

In some situations, mounting it close to the door is most effective. In this position, the machine can filter the air better. Placing it near the door can help the air move more freely. By doing so, you can help better eliminate mold and other contaminants in your home.


A portable air purifier can be moved from one room to another with ease. For instance, at night time, you may want to filter the bacteria and smoke from your living room. Similarly, if you wish to ward off the scent of foods from your kitchen, you can move it there during and after cooking. Then, you may wish to move the unit into your bedroom while you sleep. Moving your unit will not affect the machine if done properly.

In conclusion

Having an air purifier is beneficial and can help save you money. They have many features that can replace the need to purchase other items. We hope this information on Where to place an Air Purifier has given you the information you need to effectively place an air purifier in your home.